August 29th, 1778 - 10AM

Skirmish at Durfee Hill - 1st Rhode Island Regiment Holds the Line

From Israel Angell's Diary

Americans had positions on Durfee’s Hill (Lehigh Hill) and Butts Hill. Durfee’s Hill was the right wing of the American Line under the command of General Nathanael Greene. The 1st Rhode Island Regiment (Black Regiment) under the command of Major Samuel Ward held an Artillery redoubt on Durfee’s Hill. Hessian artillery fired towards the American positions. Lossberg’s first objective was the Artillery Redoubt that the 1st Rhode Island Regiment was holding. The Hessian line advanced through the swamps at the base of Durfee’s Hill. Cannons from the fort on Butts Hill fired on the advancing line. The 1st Rhode Island Regiment held their position forcing the Hessians to fall back.