August 29th, 1778 - 9AM

Skirmish at Quaker Hill

From Israel Angell's Diary

Quaker Hill was the scene of intense fighting. General Smith advanced the 38th, 54th and 22nd in line of battle towards the top of Quaker Hill. Wigglesworth’s Regiment, Livingston advance guard, and Wade’s pickets planted themselves at the intersection of East Road and Middle Road. British advanced multiple times up Quaker Hill. During the last British attack a Hessian Regiment was spotted marching towards Quaker Hill. The Americans couldn’t sustain an attack from their flank. General Sullivan ordered Glover to retreat to Butts Hill.British forces secured Quaker Hill and engaged the Americans as they fell back. Smith was under new orders not to begin a general engagement, so he withdrew troops to the top of Quaker Hill.