Dereke Mays

BoRIA Director representing Newport County NAACP Branch

I was born in Amherst County, VA. I was a resident of Newport from 1988 to 2004 and have lived in Portsmouth from 2008 to the present. I have been married to Veronica Perkins-Mays for the last 34 years. During the periods of time we were not living in Rhode Island, we lived in Alaska for three years and two years in Naples, Italy. We have three daughters who live in Silver Springs, MD.

I served in the U.S Navy and Army Reserves for 21 years, retiring in 2007 while serving in the military I was also working at the Newport Naval Base Fire Dept. as a Federal Fire Fighter for 21 years as well, retiring in 2018. Additionally, I worked with people with disabilities in the Maher Center Home Program for approximately 15 years before leaving in September 2022.  I have worked 20 hours a week for Bloomsburie, LLC out of Maryland for the last three years.

I am an active member of Community Baptist Church and the Newport County Branch NAACP.  I am part owner of Tender Care Child Care Center in Middletown and co-owner of M&J Investment of Newport.  I will be attending College Unbound this winter to complete the credits I need to earn my bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and Change.