Captain Wallace Attacks Prudence Island

Grave of Unknown British soldier

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Rochambeau Statue – Newport Harbor

Statue of Rochambeau in Newport, Rhode Island

King’s Park on Newport Harbor is the present location of a statute to General Rochambeau. The statue remains a symbol of the assistance that France rendered to the American colonies during the War for Independence.

The Gaspee

The Burning of the Gaspee by Charles DeWolf Brownell

The Battle of Rhode Island – The Gaspee

Protest Events

Plaque for Fort George on Goat Island, explaining the attack on the St. John in 1764

By 1750 Newport, Rhode Island was the fifth largest city in the British North American colonies, and the third busiest port.


Edward Field's Map of Rhode Island Defenses at Fort Liberty

In the wake of the Sugar Act of 1764, violence broke out when colonists took over Fort George on Goat Island in Newport harbor.

Militia Fortifications on Rhode Island

Edward Field's Map of Rhode Island Defenses at Fort Liberty

At the beginning of the War for Independence, Rhode Island’s active military force consisted of companies of “Train Bands” and independent militias.