Frank Quagan - Soldiers in the 1st Rhode Island Regiment-Photo Varnum Armory Museum

Timeline of the Formation and Service of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment

Explore our new timeline written and compiled by historian Robert A. Geake in honor of Black History Month which follows the formation and service of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment during the Revolutionary War!

The first racially diverse military unit in our history, the 1st Rhode Island Regiment broke many social barriers of its time and set in motion a shift in attitude towards racial equality. Follow their story from recruitment along the shores of Rhode Island to the trenches of the Siege of Yorktown, and learn the tale behind this critical moment in our nation’s history.

Map of the Service of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment

Use the map below to follow the travels of the 1st Rhode Island Regiment through the duration of their service, from Valley Forge to the Siege of Yorktown and the conclusion of the Revolutionary War.

Disclaimer: The locations designated on the map below are approximate and based on a breadth of primary and secondary sources, including journals, maps, correspondence, research and more.