Newport’s British Occupation Walking Tour

  Upcoming Specialty Tour: Newport’s British Occupation Walking Tour In 1777 as the Revolutionary War officially began, 7,000 British and Hessian soldiers invaded Newport creating an occupation that lasted for […]

Hopes and Disappointments Lafayette Recalls the Rhode Island Campaign

“Lafayette, on his visit to Rhode Island in 1824 told the late Mr. Zachariah Allen as he
rode with him in a carriage across the border from Connecticut – ‘In this state I have experienced
more sudden and extreme alternations of hopes and disappointments than during all the
vicissitudes of the American war.’”

Colonel Daniel Hitchcock Of Rhode Island

A collateral descendant of Daniel Hitchcock (first cousin, nine times removed), the author had always been fascinated by the short but important life of this colonel from Providence, Rhode Island, who was taken by illness following the Battle of Princeton at the young age of thirty-seven.