Revolutionary Rhode Island

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Blog Post by Gloria Schmidt

There are new Rhode Island Department of Education Social Studies Standards and The Battle of Rhode Island website has many good resources to help students answer the essential questions.

9th grade standards include:  Students should be able to “Explain Rhode Island’s role in the Revolutionary War and the Battle of Rhode Island”

Interactive Timeline
Interactive Timeline

One of the best resources is the interactive timeline.  The Battle took place in Portsmouth through the day of August 29, 1778.  Students can learn about what happened in the Battle hour by hour.  They can also “click” on the “Learn More” button to hear an eyewitness account about that segment of the Battle.  The timeline background is a map created at the time of the Battle, so students can follow the action down East Main and West Main in Portsmouth.

Click on the link below to find this interactive map.

Another good source for high school students is a lesson on using eyewitness accounts.  It is appropriate for 7th through 12th graders.  It includes diaries and letters from soldiers on all sides and even the account of a woman in Newport.

Working with Eyewitness Accounts;

Click on Link below to see the pdf file.

Working with Eyewitness Accounts



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