Portsmouth Friends Meeting House

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The Portsmouth Friends Meeting House was built between 1699 and 1702 and is among the earliest houses of worship in Rhode Island. Rhode Island was one of the few colonies that welcomed Quakers and there were monthly meetings in homes as early as 1660 before the meetinghouse was built. Additions were made to the meeting house through the years. Quakers had a strong influence in the community.

A present day photo of the Portsmouth Friends Meeting House, a white colonial style, two story home with a tan roof and a pleasant tree of deciduous nature beside it.
The Portsmouth Friends' Meeting House
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Quaker Hill Map. A plan of the northern part of Rhode Island in the township of Portsmouth. 1778. Huntington Library

Quaker Hill

After a skirmish with Wade’s American forces, British General Smith and the 43rd Regiment pushed up Middle Road while the 22nd Regiment proceeded up East Main Road.