The Battle of Rhode Island Association

Rhode Island Publications Society

The Rhode Island Publications Society (RIPS) is a nonprofit educational and cultural foundation incorporated in 1981 under Rhode Island law to publish and distribute works relating to Rhode Island’s history, economy, and cultural life. The society is a direct outgrowth of the publications committee of the Rhode Island Bicentennial Commis­sion, which was established in 1974, during the bicentennial of American independence, to publish books about Rhode Island in the Revolutionary era. When the bicentennial observance ended, commission chairman, Dr. Patrick T. Conley, decided to retain and expand the publications program of that organization. RIPS is the result of that decision.


The Rhode Island Publications Society has published “Revolutionary War Defenses in Rhode Island” by John K. Robertson, Ph.D., “The Rhode Island Campaign of 1778: Inauspicious Dawn of Alliance” by Paul Dearden, and “The Battle of Rhode Island, August 29, 1778: A Victory for the Patriots” Patrick T. Conley books and contributed hundreds of copies of the latter two to BoRIA for distribution.