Jeff Weston

BoRIA Director representing Bristol Historical Society

Jeff is a Rhode Island “Prodigal Son” – raised in Bristol but moved to Southwest Connecticut for forty years before moving back to Newport 5 years ago. He was fortunate to get in on the bottled water boom at an early age, working for Nestle Waters (Poland Spring, San Pellegrino ETC), where he spent 25 years climbing the ranks in various sales and marketing executive positions before  leaving 5 years ago to be CEO of a small beverage start-up that recently folded.

While climbing the corporate ladder, Jeff never lost his passion for history, having been raised in a famous Russell Warren house on State Street while checking out historical biographies of famous Revolutionary heroes from Rogers Free Library. While flying over 100,000 miles a year for his career, he takes pride in the fact that he NEVER worked on a plane – devoting he time to reading hundreds of history books, many prominently (and sloppily) displayed in his finished attic library.

Jeff was able to transition this passion for history into a mid-life career as a tour guide, first as a docent at Trinity Church, followed by freelance work for local tour companies as well as the Newport Historical Society in combination with his own tour company offering “Rhogue Island Tours” – irreverent but historically accurate customized tours of Newport and Bristol.