Butts Hill Fort Restoration Committee and the Bristol Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution

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Paul Murphy BHFRC Chairman along with Karen Griffin, Bristol Chapter, Daughters of the American Revolution.

Recently Butts Hill Fort Restoration Committee (BHFRC) Chair Col. Paul Murphy (USAF Ret,) spoke to the Bristol Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) at the Rodgers Free Public Library in Bristol. The presentation entailed the American Revolutionary War’s strategic situation leading up to the French fleet’s arrival in 1778. Explaining what made the physical position of Butts Hill Fort tactically important to all sides of the conflict throughout the war. He also provided an overview of BHFRC’s latest volunteer efforts in clearing long overgrown portions of the fort, including partnering with DAR. He highlighted the transformation the 6.5-acre earth works has gone through with our aims of presenting a newly resurrected historical site worth visiting, with enhancements to access, informational signage, and landscaping. Col Murphy thanked the DAR for its long history of supporting the preservation of the fort and its role in Revolutionary War history, by displaying for the audience the actual bronze plaque the Rhode Island DAR dedicated and installed at the fort in 1922. “We believe DAR was absolutely instrumental in highlighting the need for the preservation of the fort a full year before the site was benevolently purchased and saved by Dr. Roderick Terry and the Newport Historical Society in 1923. DAR helped light the preservation fuse.” stated Murphy.

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