Battle of Rhode Island Association Announce Web Partnership with Rhode Island Slave History Medallions

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Recently the Battle of Rhode Island Association (BoRIA) finalized a web partnership with the Rhode Island Slave History Medallions (RISHM). The RISHM organization is a statewide public awareness program committed to marking historic sites connected to the history of slavery in Rhode Island. In each city or town, a QR-coded Medallion with the history of the location is installed with the medallion. The QR code provides a link to the website with historical content about the location. Butts Hill Fort was approved for a Medallion in 2021 by historian Fred Zilian for RISHM. This honors the Black Regiment who helped expand the Fort under French engineers. BoRIA plans for an installation sometime in 2024/25 depending on the progress of the fort’s restoration.

Charles Roberts, Founder and Executive Director of RISHM: “We are pleased to partner with BoRIA as they document and share RI’s early history.”

RISHM states slavery was the global economic engine prior to its abolition and Rhode Island’s role in this business of slavery was significant. By marking sites throughout the state that are connected to that past, they hope to make that history easily accessible by telling a more complete story of the cultural and economic development of the State of Rhode Island.

BoRIA and RISHM are sponsoring Rhode Island author and historian Robert A. Geake to Channing Memorial Church in Newport for a lecture February 28th.

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