Steven M. Gardner

Re-enactor & Military Advisor

Born in Central Falls, RI, moved to Warwick, RI in 1967, when my father became a police officer. Grew up in the Village of Conimicut Point. Started re-enacting in 1975 while attending Gorton Jr High. Joined the band as a drummer. Some friends of mine were starting a RI Militia Unit, the Providence Grenadiers, and they needed a drummer, so I volunteered. After about a year of parades and ceremonies with the RI76 commission I got tired of drumming and took up the musket instead. 1976 was the year that I decided to “take the Kings Shilling” and join the Crown Forces. 46th Regiment of Foot out of Foster, RI.

Stayed loyal to the King until the Summer of 1979, graduated from Warwick Area Vocational Tech, Tollgate High School, directly into the US Navy. I became a navigator on a fast attack nuclear submarine QM3 (SS).  The rest of the time between then and now, a degree or two in Mechanical/Electrical engineering and wonderful careers with Amtrak and General Dynamics (Electric Boat Groton), am now retired. 

During this period of time, I had remained a re-enactor/living history participant, in several organizations as a Redcoat. Started off as a Private and worked my way up the chain of command to become Lt.Col of the 54th Regiment of Foot and will also fill in as a Major General as needed. At most events that I attend, I am either the Brigade Commander or Crown Forces Field Commander. Presently also a Board of Trustees Member for The British Brigade (BB) and active member of the Brigade of the American Revolution, field advisor.

Currently I have been involved in planning, creating, advising, facilitating and directing various events throughout New England, in many historical locations in most Southern New England States, including NY, NJ and PA. When not busy in command of a British Infantry Battalion, I am also busy with the tailoring and manufacturing of all the necessary uniforms and equipment that our re-enactment community uses. Hand sewing of all the uniforms, leather gear and belting. Also painting and illustrating the colorful history of my great hobby. All this was self-taught without use of a cell phone.