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Battle of Rhode Island Association Announces Release of 5th Commemorative Coin

1st RI Coin

The Battle of Rhode Island Association (BoRIA) is proud to announce the release of our 5th Commemorative Coin. In honor of Black History Month and working with Signature Coins of Winter Park, Florida, the two-inch diameter coin features the likeness of a soldier of the 1st RI Regiment (aka the Black Regiment) in front of Bloody Brook during the Battle of Rhode Island on August 29th , 1778. The BoRIA logo is on the obverse.

The Black Regiment was a military unit formed during the American Revolutionary War. It was one of the first African American military units in the United States. The regiment was established in 1778 in response to a shortage of manpower in the Continental Army. Rhode Island, which had a relatively large free African American population, including many who had fought in earlier conflicts, was among the first states to allow Black soldiers to enlist.

Despite facing discrimination and unequal treatment, the soldiers of the Black Regiment demonstrated courage and skill on the battlefield. Their service helped to prove the capabilities of African American soldiers. The regiment was disbanded at the end of the Revolutionary War, but its legacy is now being shared.

The design was done by BoRIA’s Graphics Advisor Ms. Maureen Daniels, a native of Portsmouth, RI.

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