Map of redoubts along Sakonnet Coast

The Portsmouth landscape was beautiful before the Occupation. British officer Frederick Mackenzie was quartered there, and his December 16th, 1776 journal entry described the beauty of the local area, even in winter…

The Mackenzie Diaries

Banister's and Dudley's Redoubts, Fage map of Newport in 1778

Frederick Mackenzie’s Diary is a valuable source for information on the British Occupation of Rhode Island (Aquidneck Island). He began writing his diary in 1748…

Introduction to Occupation

Des Barres Map

The British had ample reason to invade and occupy Aquidneck Island (called Rhode Island at that time). Newport had a fine harbor from which the British fleet could raid up and down the coast…

Skirmish Timelines & Maps

Summary of troop movements august 29th-30th 1778

Action in the Battle of Rhode Island took place along what we call East and West Main Roads. It was the East Road and West Road to them. Sometimes there were two or more actions going on at approximately the same time.

Militia Fortifications on Rhode Island

Edward Field's Map of Rhode Island Defenses at Fort Liberty

At the beginning of the War for Independence, Rhode Island’s active military force consisted of companies of “Train Bands” and independent militias.