August 29th, 1778 - 1 PM

Americans Attack Ships and Hessians Retire from the Field

From Israel Angell's Diary

American forces were able to set up 18 pounders down by the beach behind a redoubt. They fired onto the Vigilant and the British responded by shooting 24 pounders. American forces from Bristol also fired onto the British ship. The Vigilant knew the tide was going out, so they cut their anchor and moved to a safe location. Lossberg commenced the third assault. The chasseurs pushed through and assaulted the Redoubt. The Hessians charged the front gate of the redoubt. Greene noticed this and sent the 2nd Rhode Island Regiment to support the 1st Rhode Island Regiment. Lossberg sent the Kings American Regiment, 1st and 2nd Ansbach Regiments. Hessian Regiments were able to maneuver around the Artillery Redoubt. Greene saw an opportunity and ordered Sherburne’s regiment along with Jackson’s detachment to charge into the Hessian line. The bayonet charge forced the Hessians to retire from the field.